What a beautiful way to wrap up the 2016 wedding season. Caitlin and Gene- You guys were a blast to work with, thanks for climbing mountians for that perfect Colorado photo. Congrats!  emily-elizabeth-photo001+ emily-elizabeth-photo002+ emily-elizabeth-photo003+ emily-elizabeth-photo004+ emily-elizabeth-photo005+ emily-elizabeth-photo006+ emily-elizabeth-photo007+ emily-elizabeth-photo008+ emily-elizabeth-photo009+ emily-elizabeth-photo010+ emily-elizabeth-photo011+ emily-elizabeth-photo012+ emily-elizabeth-photo013+ emily-elizabeth-photo014+ emily-elizabeth-photo015+ emily-elizabeth-photo016+ emily-elizabeth-photo017+ emily-elizabeth-photo018+ emily-elizabeth-photo019+ emily-elizabeth-photo020+ emily-elizabeth-photo021+ emily-elizabeth-photo022+ emily-elizabeth-photo023+ emily-elizabeth-photo024+ emily-elizabeth-photo025+ emily-elizabeth-photo026+ emily-elizabeth-photo027+ emily-elizabeth-photo028+ emily-elizabeth-photo029+ emily-elizabeth-photo030+ emily-elizabeth-photo031+ emily-elizabeth-photo032+ emily-elizabeth-photo033+ emily-elizabeth-photo034+ emily-elizabeth-photo035+ emily-elizabeth-photo036+ emily-elizabeth-photo037+ emily-elizabeth-photo038+ emily-elizabeth-photo039+


emily-elizabeth-photo042+ emily-elizabeth-photo041+ emily-elizabeth-photo043+ emily-elizabeth-photo044+ emily-elizabeth-photo045+ emily-elizabeth-photo046+Huge thanks to Julia Morgan for photographing with me!

Wedding Planner: Purple Summer Events– Abbey you were amazing to work with!

Venue: Flagstaff House

  • July 28, 2017 - 12:09 pm

    julia - i don’t know why i never saw this before?! it’s SO beautiful!! love.ReplyCancel

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I met with Brooke and Hoang a year ago for their wedding consult, and I knew from the very first minutes of that meeting they were those rare type of people that love with all they are. You two embody kindness. We loved photographing your wedding- Congratulations!

brooke-and-hoang-001+ brooke-and-hoang-002+ brooke-and-hoang-003+ brooke-and-hoang-004+ brooke-and-hoang-005+ brooke-and-hoang-006+ brooke-and-hoang-007+ brooke-and-hoang-008+ brooke-and-hoang-009+ brooke-and-hoang-010+ brooke-and-hoang-011+ brooke-and-hoang-012+ brooke-and-hoang-013+ brooke-and-hoang-014+ brooke-and-hoang-015+ brooke-and-hoang-016+ brooke-and-hoang-017+ brooke-and-hoang-018+ brooke-and-hoang-019+ brooke-and-hoang-020+ brooke-and-hoang-021+ brooke-and-hoang-022+ brooke-and-hoang-023+ brooke-and-hoang-024+ brooke-and-hoang-025+ brooke-and-hoang-026+ brooke-and-hoang-027+ brooke-and-hoang-028+ brooke-and-hoang-029+ brooke-and-hoang-030+ brooke-and-hoang-031+ brooke-and-hoang-032+ brooke-and-hoang-033+ brooke-and-hoang-034+ brooke-and-hoang-035+ brooke-and-hoang-036+ brooke-and-hoang-037+ brooke-and-hoang-038+ brooke-and-hoang-039+ brooke-and-hoang-040+ brooke-and-hoang-041+ brooke-and-hoang-042+ brooke-and-hoang-043+ brooke-and-hoang-044+ brooke-and-hoang-045+ brooke-and-hoang-046+ brooke-and-hoang-047+ brooke-and-hoang-048+ brooke-and-hoang-049+ brooke-and-hoang-050+ brooke-and-hoang-051+ brooke-and-hoang-052+ brooke-and-hoang-053+ brooke-and-hoang-054+Huge thanks to David for photographing with me.

Venue: Evergreen Lake House


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Marriage is a beautifully hard thing. Choosing love day after day is an incredibly hard thing. This family, they chose love day after hard and beautiful day. And they give that love to all who surround them. I’m so grateful to get to be a tiny sliver of that circle. Felix and Jonelle- We were honored to be witness to your wedding. Congratulations!

jonelle-and-felix-001+ jonelle-and-felix-002+ jonelle-and-felix-003+ jonelle-and-felix-004+ jonelle-and-felix-005+ jonelle-and-felix-006+ jonelle-and-felix-007+ jonelle-and-felix-008+ jonelle-and-felix-009+ jonelle-and-felix-010+ jonelle-and-felix-011+ jonelle-and-felix-012+ jonelle-and-felix-013+ jonelle-and-felix-014+ jonelle-and-felix-015+ jonelle-and-felix-017+ jonelle-and-felix-018+ jonelle-and-felix-019+ jonelle-and-felix-020+ jonelle-and-felix-021+ jonelle-and-felix-022+ jonelle-and-felix-023+ jonelle-and-felix-024+ jonelle-and-felix-025+ jonelle-and-felix-026+ jonelle-and-felix-027+ jonelle-and-felix-028+ jonelle-and-felix-029+ jonelle-and-felix-030+ jonelle-and-felix-031+ jonelle-and-felix-033+ jonelle-and-felix-034+ jonelle-and-felix-036+ jonelle-and-felix-037+ jonelle-and-felix-038+ jonelle-and-felix-039+ jonelle-and-felix-040+ jonelle-and-felix-041+ jonelle-and-felix-042+ jonelle-and-felix-043+ jonelle-and-felix-044+ jonelle-and-felix-045+ jonelle-and-felix-046+ jonelle-and-felix-047+ jonelle-and-felix-048+ jonelle-and-felix-049+ jonelle-and-felix-050+ jonelle-and-felix-051+ jonelle-and-felix-052+ jonelle-and-felix-053+ jonelle-and-felix-054+ jonelle-and-felix-055+ jonelle-and-felix-056+

Thanks David for photographing with me!

Venue: B Lazy 2 Ranch

Wedding Dress: BHLDN

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Brooke and Garrett are one of those wonderful couples full of life and adventure, who offer kindness to everyone they meet. So it’s no surprise their wedding day was full of love and laughter and a wonderful community of friends. Congrats you guys! We loved being a part of your day.

Brooke and Garrett 01+ Brooke and Garrett 02+ Brooke and Garrett 03+ Brooke and Garrett 04+ Brooke and Garrett 05+ Brooke and Garrett 06+ Brooke and Garrett 07+ Brooke and Garrett 08+ Brooke and Garrett 09+ Brooke and Garrett 10+ Brooke and Garrett 11+ Brooke and Garrett 12+ Brooke and Garrett 13+ Brooke and Garrett 14+ Brooke and Garrett 15+ Brooke and Garrett 16+ Brooke and Garrett 17+ Brooke and Garrett 18+ Brooke and Garrett 19+ Brooke and Garrett 20+ Brooke and Garrett 21+ Brooke and Garrett 22+ Brooke and Garrett 23+ Brooke and Garrett 24+ Brooke and Garrett 25+ Brooke and Garrett 26+ Brooke and Garrett 27+ Brooke and Garrett 28+ Brooke and Garrett 29+ Brooke and Garrett 30+ Brooke and Garrett 31+ Brooke and Garrett 32+ Brooke and Garrett 33+ Brooke and Garrett 34+ Brooke and Garrett 35+ Brooke and Garrett 36+ Brooke and Garrett 37+ Brooke and Garrett 38+ Brooke and Garrett 39+ Brooke and Garrett 40+ Brooke and Garrett 41+ Brooke and Garrett 42+ Brooke and Garrett 43+ Brooke and Garrett 44+ Brooke and Garrett 45+ Brooke and Garrett 46+ Brooke and Garrett 47+ Brooke and Garrett 48+ Brooke and Garrett 49+ Brooke and Garrett 50+ Brooke and Garrett 51+

Huge thank you to Nicole Wolf for photographing the wedding with me!

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