I’ve attempted for the last 20 minutes to write a bit about how beautiful and epic and full of love this wedding in Hawaii was, but words are failing me because all I can think of are memories from the 15+ years of knowing this amazing woman, and how excited I am that she met a man like Felipe to journey life with.

I will just say that it is a privilege to walk life with you sweet friend. Thank you for so many years of your friendship. You are one of the greats.

So much love to you both.

-Emily and David

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Brittney and Brad your Texas wedding was beautiful and so full of life! We wish you all the best in the world. So much love to you both!

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Thank you Gretchen Gordon for photographing this wedding with me. You rocked it!

Venue: Hodgepodge Lodge

Florist: A Different Bloom

DJ: Access DJ

Catering: Taste Sensations

Make Up Artist: Carley Cole

Hair: Megan Sherman


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These two old friends tied the knot on Saturday, and it was such an amazingly joyful morning. There is so much love and peace in the midst of these two.

Congratulations Josh and Katie- We are so happy for you both!

Katie and Josh01+ Katie and Josh03+ Katie and Josh04+ Katie and Josh05+ Katie and Josh06+ Katie and Josh07+ Katie and Josh08+ Katie and Josh09+ Katie and Josh10+ Katie and Josh11+ Katie and Josh12+ Katie and Josh13+ Katie and Josh14+ Katie and Josh15+ Katie and Josh16+ Katie and Josh17+ Katie and Josh18+ Katie and Josh19+ Katie and Josh20+ Katie and Josh21+ Katie and Josh22+ Katie and Josh23+ Katie and Josh24+ Katie and Josh25+ Katie and Josh26+ Katie and Josh27+ Katie and Josh28+ Katie and Josh29+ Katie and Josh31+ Katie and Josh32+ Katie and Josh33+ Katie and Josh35+ Katie and Josh37+ Katie and Josh38+

Thanks David for photographing with me!

Beautiful Floral by Ladybird Poppy

  • September 23, 2015 - 9:32 pm

    Tiffany - Oh my word! Gorgeous! Makes me want to order some and put them up in my house!!! Beautiful shots, gorgeous day, amazing details, truly joyful faces. Love!ReplyCancel

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