These two know how to throw an amazing party! The best part of the day though, was the surrounding of all their friends and families as they expressed their love and joy to one another. We loved witnessing your kindness and laughter on such a beautify day! Congratulations Kris and Lisa.

PS- I have to give a little shout out to Julie Martinez for putting together such a seamless event(and being fantastic to work with), as well as Plumb Sage Floral (your artistry is amazing!).

eephoto01+ eephoto02+ eephoto03+ eephoto04+ eephoto05+ eephoto06+ eephoto07+ eephoto08+ eephoto09+ eephoto10+ eephoto11+ eephoto12+ eephoto13+ eephoto14+ eephoto15+ eephoto17+ eephoto18+ eephoto19+ eephoto20+ eephoto21+ eephoto22+ eephoto23+ eephoto24+ eephoto25+ eephoto26+ eephoto28+ eephoto29+ eephoto30+ eephoto31+ eephoto32+ eephoto33+ eephoto34+ eephoto35+ eephoto37+ eephoto39+ eephoto40+David Grauberger– Best 2nd shooter ever.

Wedding Planner: Julie Martinez

Venue: Blanc

Florist: Plum Sage

Catering: Catering By Design

Bar: Peak Beverage


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This wedding is one for the books- Kind people, best wedding toast to date, fantastic family and friends. Such a beautiful day. Loved the floral design from Sarah at Ladybird Poppy, it fit perfectly with Grant-Humphreys Mansion classic feel.

Congrats Roz and Brendan- We loved documenting your wedding!

Roz and Brendan001+ Roz and Brendan002+ Roz and Brendan003+ Roz and Brendan004+ Roz and Brendan005+ Roz and Brendan006+ Roz and Brendan007+ Roz and Brendan008+ Roz and Brendan009+ Roz and Brendan010+ Roz and Brendan011+ Roz and Brendan013+ Roz and Brendan014+ Roz and Brendan015+ Roz and Brendan016+ Roz and Brendan017+ Roz and Brendan018+ Roz and Brendan019+ Roz and Brendan020+ Roz and Brendan021+ Roz and Brendan022+ Roz and Brendan024+ Roz and Brendan026+ Roz and Brendan027+ Roz and Brendan028+ Roz and Brendan029+ Roz and Brendan030+ Roz and Brendan031+ Roz and Brendan032+ Roz and Brendan033+ Roz and Brendan034+ Roz and Brendan035+ Roz and Brendan036+ Roz and Brendan037+ Roz and Brendan038+ Roz and Brendan039+ Roz and Brendan040+ Roz and Brendan042+ Roz and Brendan043+ Roz and Brendan044+ Roz and Brendan046+

Second Shooter- David Grauberger, best assistant around!

Venue: Grant-Humphreys Mansion

Floral: Ladybird Poppy

Catering: Three Tomatoes

Wedding Dress: Nordstrom

Cake: Cake Crumbs Bakery

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Oh man where to start. These two resonate love. You can see it in their faces when they look at each other, it made for a truly perfect wedding day. Kaye and Derek, you two are such kind souls, and we loved being witness to that. Congratulations!

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Nicole Wolf-My amazing second shooter- Couldn’t have done it without you.

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