This wedding is one for the books- Kind people, best wedding toast to date, fantastic family and friends. Such a beautiful day. Loved the floral design from Sarah at Ladybird Poppy, it fit perfectly with Grant-Humphreys Mansion classic feel.

Congrats Roz and Brendan- We loved documenting your wedding!

Roz and Brendan001+ Roz and Brendan002+ Roz and Brendan003+ Roz and Brendan004+ Roz and Brendan005+ Roz and Brendan006+ Roz and Brendan007+ Roz and Brendan008+ Roz and Brendan009+ Roz and Brendan010+ Roz and Brendan011+ Roz and Brendan013+ Roz and Brendan014+ Roz and Brendan015+ Roz and Brendan016+ Roz and Brendan017+ Roz and Brendan018+ Roz and Brendan019+ Roz and Brendan020+ Roz and Brendan021+ Roz and Brendan022+ Roz and Brendan024+ Roz and Brendan026+ Roz and Brendan027+ Roz and Brendan028+ Roz and Brendan029+ Roz and Brendan030+ Roz and Brendan031+ Roz and Brendan032+ Roz and Brendan033+ Roz and Brendan034+ Roz and Brendan035+ Roz and Brendan036+ Roz and Brendan037+ Roz and Brendan038+ Roz and Brendan039+ Roz and Brendan040+ Roz and Brendan042+ Roz and Brendan043+ Roz and Brendan044+ Roz and Brendan046+

Second Shooter- David Grauberger, best assistant around!

Venue: Grant-Humphreys Mansion

Floral: Ladybird Poppy

Catering: Three Tomatoes

Wedding Dress: Nordstrom

Cake: Cake Crumbs Bakery

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Torrential rain couldn’t stop these two from tying the knot at the beautiful River Bend. And what a perfect surprise that the day gave them a few hours of beautiful sunshine to enjoy the outdoors.

What kind souls you two are. It was such a pleasure to work with you and your families. You deserve all the best as you adventure into your new marriage. Congratulations!

01 Marc and Carolyn+ 02 Marc and Carolyn+ 03 Marc and Carolyn+ 04 Marc and Carolyn+ 05 Marc and Carolyn+ 06 Marc and Carolyn+ 07 Marc and Carolyn+ 09 Marc and Carolyn+ 10 Marc and Carolyn+ 11 Marc and Carolyn+ 12 Marc and Carolyn+ 13 Marc and Carolyn+ 14 Marc and Carolyn+ 15 Marc and Carolyn+ 16 Marc and Carolyn+ 17 Marc and Carolyn+ 18 Marc and Carolyn+ 20 Marc and Carolyn+ 21 Marc and Carolyn+ 23 Marc and Carolyn+ 24 Marc and Carolyn+ 25 Marc and Carolyn+ 26 Marc and Carolyn+ 27 Marc and Carolyn+ 28 Marc and Carolyn+ 29 Marc and Carolyn+ 31 Marc and Carolyn+ 34 Marc and Carolyn+ 35 Marc and Carolyn+ 36 Marc and Carolyn+ 37 Marc and Carolyn+ 38 Marc and Carolyn+ 40 Marc and Carolyn+ 41 Marc and Carolyn+ 43 Marc and Carolyn+ 44 Marc and Carolyn+ 45 Marc and Carolyn+

Thank you Nicole Wolf for photographing with me and braving the rain in sandals!

Venue: River Bend

Wedding Planner: Root and Gather Events

Catering: Greens Point Catering

Band: The Lil’ Smokies


  • July 11, 2015 - 5:50 pm

    Linnea Kenney - You did an amazing job with Carolyn and Marc’s pictures. They were wonderful. Thank you so much.ReplyCancel

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Last weekend’s wedding at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek was nothing short of perfection. The day was full of so much joy and love. As Kristine unwrapped Keven’s wedding day gift to her, she whispered her new name with tears in her eyes and a smile that stretched wide. That deep love encompassed the entire day.

Congratulations you two! We wish you lived in Colorado so we could all be friends. Enjoy your photos, there are many more to come.

17Marerro Wedding.jpg+
18Marerro Wedding.jpg+
19Marerro Wedding.jpg+
21Marerro Wedding.jpg+ 20Marerro Wedding.jpg+

22Marerro Wedding.jpg+
23Marerro Wedding.jpg+
24Marerro Wedding.jpg+
25Marerro Wedding.jpg+
26Marerro Wedding.jpg+
27Marerro Wedding.jpg+

29Marerro Wedding.jpg+
30Marerro Wedding.jpg+
31Marerro Wedding.jpg+

35Marerro Wedding.jpg+

40Marerro Wedding.jpg+
41Marerro Wedding.jpg+

43Marerro Wedding.jpg+

48Marerro Wedding.jpg+
49Marerro Wedding.jpg+
50Marerro Wedding.jpg+
51Marerro Wedding.jpg+
52Marerro Wedding.jpg+
53Marerro Wedding.jpg+
54Marerro Wedding.jpg+
55Marerro Wedding.jpg+
56Marerro Wedding.jpg+
57Marerro Wedding.jpg+
58Marerro Wedding.jpg+
59Marerro Wedding.jpg+Huge thanks to Carrie for shooting with me!

Julie Lundy Event Design– You were amazing to work with

Venue: Park Hyatt Beaver CreekThe Chapel at Beaver Creek

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