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I think of February as the “Love” month. I know cheesy, right? But I just do. Growing up with 5 sisters is was teas and homemade chocolate heart candies, valentines, flowers and red. So much red. So I’ve decided to use this “Love” month and the launching of the blog to highlight some of the greatest loves that inspire life for me.

I had originally intended to launch the blog after my sisters wedding in Romania in July 2011. So what better person to write a post about then her with a recap of her beautiful wedding?

To start, my sister inspires by who she is, and how she loves, and what she has chosen.

Those of you who know our family, know a bit of her story. For those of you who don’t I wanted to share a piece of it here.

Courtney is the oldest of our six sister clan. She’s lived in Romania going on 9 years now. The first trip she took was with my Dad at age 16 because she just wanted to love on orphan babies in Romania, and my Dad, being the great dad that he is, took her to do just that.

After this there were numerous visits, until she permanently moved there in 2004 to work with Fundația Creștină Elim(FCE)- A Swedish ministry to orphans in Marghita,Romania.

Through her years there Courtney has loved on countless babies and little ones, and seen pain, joy, and brokenness with each precious life. During a visit to Romania in 2003 while working at the hospital ward of abandoned babies, we met little Laszlo. He was a 12 month old baby laying in his little crib, a one year old that couldn’t hold his head up on his own. In 2004 he was moved from the hospital to FCE’s Children’s home Casa Alba.

Working with Laz throughout that year , she fell in Love, and wrestled through the idea of adoption as single women, as an international with Romanian adoptions closed to the West, and as a volunteer living off of support. She chose little Laszlo. He’s not so little anymore- he turns 10 today! They are still going through the adoption process, which feels eternally long- but God is gracious and has his timing.

Courney’s husband Jonte came into the picture 4 years ago during his trip to do construction work for FCE. She fell in love with this Swedish man, and it’s been fun to see them become a family and a support for their work in Romania and in raising Laszlo.

There is an awe-inspiring richness to life when it is lived for others, and you, sister, have shown me that. You love deeply, and well. It’s a part of who you are, and I love seeing it. Sometimes I look at what you have chosen and know that it is a harder way to live, you sacrifice much, but I know that it is deeper, richer, and more rewarding than anything else you could have chosen. You may experience the depth of pain in a place that is surrounded by brokenness, but you experience the depth of love and healing deeper than most of us will ever know. So sister- I think you live an extraordinary life. I know it hasn’t come without sacrifice. You’re an inspiration and I love you dearly. Thanks for letting me shoot your wedding, and capture your beautiful moments and memories. It was a perfect day of one piece of your amazing story.

Much love,


To support,or get updates of Courtney and Jonte’s work in Romania- you can check out her blog here: http://courtneyinromania.blogspot.com/


Getting ready Romania style- Cutting grass,racking leaves, designing flowers before the Ceremony.




Happy 10th Birthday Laszlo!!

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Huge Thank You to Erin Perry for helping out as a second shooter!

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