Sarah Tedford- Denver Portraits

How do I even begin to describe this beautiful and talented lady? Sarah is the owner of Ladybird Poppy Floral Designs. We became friends back in 2010 at the start of our business’s. Each winter when things would slow down and we would go into a season of re-evaluating our work, we would meet out of shear need for encouragement that we could do this business owner/creative/artist/ entrepreneur thing. Those have grown into vendor meet-ups we fondly called our “creative meetings”.

I’ve loved watching Sarah’s business thrive and grow over the past 4 years. Her work is lovely, and it has been so much fun to show up to a wedding and know the flowers are her designs, and we get to work together that day.

She is one of those steady, sweet, and smart women that are so rare to find.

Sarah- I’m not sure you know the moments that you have encouraged me to keep at this work, or the times I’ve felt so inadequate as a photographer, and you have called and complimented me on a session, but you have kept me going in some of the tough moments. I’m so happy to have you in my life sweet lady.

Cheers to many more adventures together in the future!


Here is the link to her lovely work:

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